ABSOLUT Fishing Key West Sets Hook for New Anglers

ABSOLUT FISHING KEY WEST, Inc. is family owned and operated by Captain Craig Eubank, his wife Lisa, and their three sons.  Located at the Historic Charterboat Row, slip #18

The ABSOLUT is our primary offshore vessel, a 40-foot Key West built Sportfish providing Full Day, ¾ Day, and Half Day Charters. We can also provide other vessels for specialized charters. All vessels can accommodate up to 6 passengers and are outfitted for comfort as well as catching fish. We use only top of the line bait and tackle, Penn and Shimano rods and reels and have all necessary safety equipment and meet all legal requirements. Our experienced and courteous crew will go the extra mile to make your Key West Fishing trip one that you will always remember.

The bridge of the ABSOLUT is equipped with of the latest electronics and safety equipment and provides a 360-degree view. A full-size head (restroom) is located forward in the cabin for your convenience.

The spacious cockpit is where the real action is! Fish can be hooked and landed from any of the six large Pompanette fighting chairs and the ABSOLUT’s large fishbox can hold as much legal and edible fish as we can catch! Your Captain and crew will provide you with the equipment and instruction to help you land the trophy of a lifetime. All licenses, ice, bait, and fishing tackle are provided. You bring what you want to eat and drink; we take care of the rest!

The ABSOLUT’s twin Yanmar Diesel engines assure a quick run to the reef. With almost 800 horsepower, the ABSOLUT is one of the most powerful sportfishing charter boats in Key West! This is truly deep-sea fishing at its best!

Everything from Marlin and Sailfish to reef and wreck fishing are within easy range of the Key West City Marina. The speed of the ABSOLUT gives you more time fishing and less time traveling. Deep-water wreck fishing is one of our specialties along with Shark fishing, and bottom fishing. Live bait can be provided with advance notice.

Taxidermy service is available to preserve that catch of a lifetime.

Please remember that, as with all charterboats, the mate is there to assist you and provide a memorable day on the water. It is customary to Tip the mate for superior service.

Current Fishing Report Key West, Florida . March of 2014.

by CaptainCraig April 5, 2014

Wow, what a spring this has been! After all the bad weather up North is has finally broken loose down here. We had a luke-warm first of the year because no one up North was thinking about coming to Key West. Not that they didn’t want to; just that they had more pressing issues to deal with Snow, heating bills, snow, broken pipes, snow, and …

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What is the Perfect Graduation Gift?

by CaptainCraig February 26, 2014

Here’s a perfect example of the best kind of feedback you can get in the charter business. A testimonial that not only wasn’t solicited, but was put out on the net as a personal endorsement A Key West Charter Fishing Trip: The perfect graduation gift When I graduated from high school, my parents bought me a computer. Yawn. It’s not that I am or was …

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Why Hire a Fishing Guide?

by CaptainCraig February 21, 2014

Why Hire a Fishing Guide Instead of Renting a Boat?  Good question.  When you charter and book a guide, you are not only getting the “nuts and bolts” of a boat, tackle, bait, ice, etc, rather you are getting knowledge.  If you have indeed done your homework, you are getting knowledge that can only be gleened from decades of fishing in that particular area.  And …

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Immitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery!

by CaptainCraig February 14, 2014

In the past twenty-seven years I have worked for Mel Fisher and his Treasure Salvors, helped recover millions in treasure, been a NAUI SCUBA instructor for KWDIVER, operated the LOOKER Dive company, charter fished on the RAMPAGE, STRATO-CASTER, MR. Z, the new MR.Z, and the ABSOLUT all here in Key West, Florida. With a few side trips to Isla Mujeres, treasure hunting in Arroyos, Cuba, diving on …

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Current Fishing Report From Key West, Florida 02/10/14. Lots of Toothy Creatures!

by CaptainCraig February 10, 2014

Busy, busy, busy this week and no surprise. It’s February! One of our busiest fishing months and lots of folks just plain weary of the weather up North… I had the honor of working with some of Key Wests’ best fishing mates/guides and even though I have been doing this for more than 27 years, I can always learn more from the best… Larry from …

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When is the Best Time of Year to Fish in Key West, Florida?

by CaptainCraig February 4, 2014

First, all of these photos were taken in the past two weeks. We have caught Dolphin (Mahi) Wahoo, Sailfish, Shark, Kingfish, BIG Grouper, Blackfin Tuna, and Tarpon since the new year. Probably the most often asked question I get in phone calls and emails is “When is the best time of year to go fishing?” and even at the risk of sounding wishy-washy, I reply, …

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